International & Cross Border Litigation

Serna Vethan represents clients engaged in a broad range of international activities and provides a full range of corporate, financial, and planning advice. Foreign and U.S. clients call upon our firm to provide advice, represent, and advocate on behalf of our clients through pre-litigation and litigation strategy, dispute resolution, mediation, or arbitration.

Serna Vethan’s litigation practice draws upon the firm’s resources in areas of law that directly impact international corporations operating or engaged in transactions within the jurisdiction of U.S. based court. We develop a strategic plan that aligns with the client’s goals and meets expectations as efficiently as possible, which provides a comprehensive and strategic analysis at every step of the litigation process. We represent U.S. and international businesses, trust companies, financial organizations, private investors, and private equity groups.

Clients call us when they need sophisticated legal advice on complex, cross-border transactions, regulatory matters and disputes. Serna Vethan maintains excellent relationships with top lawyers and firms in Mexico and Latin America. This provides our clients the ability to easily access cost-effective, efficient, and highly-skilled foreign counsel in our targeted markets and areas of expertise.

Breach of Fiduciary Duty and Shareholder Litigation

Fiduciary relationships arise when one undertakes a duty to act primarily for another’s benefit. Fiduciary responsibilities include corporate officers and directors, general partners, trustees and executors of estates, firms, brokers, and others serving in fiduciary capacities. Our firm has a dedicated team of trial attorneys with experience representing both plaintiffs and defendants in cases involving claims of breach of fiduciary duty and shareholder litigation including: disputes between co-owners of businesses and partners, allegations of violation of duties to the business they serve, and claims that trustees or estate executors breached fiduciary duties.

  •   Fiduciary Disputes
  •   Commercial & Contractual Disputes
  •   Corporate & Securities Litigation
  •   International Dispute Resolution