Injury & Trucking Accidents

Serna Vethan has helped injury victims in the State of Texas for over 15 years. His law firm handles personal injury, motor vehicle and trucking accidents, and worksite injuries as a result of employer negligence concentrating on recovering the maximum compensation possible in every client’s case.

Engaging Serna Vethan early on in the process or immediately after an accident occurs is important as insurance companies, employers, and other third parties may seek to intervene or record a victim’s statement prior to our firm being engaged which can prejudice a case. Our dedicated team is bilingual and available 24/7 to help you with this process.

Do not delay in pursuing your rights after an accident. In most cases under Texas law, you only have two years from the accident date to file your personal injury claim. If you do not file by the time the statute of limitations has expired, you may be barred by law from recovering damages. Do not risk losing your legal rights.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Car accidents happen without warning resulting in injuries and stress over potential out-of-pocket medical bills and expenses. Our firm can help ensure that your case is handled correctly from assisting you with your property damage claim to the resolution of your case. If you have been in a car accident, you should take the following initial steps:


Call the police to report the accident and exchange insurance information. Ensure you obtain driver identification and license plate information.


Take photographs of the vehicle damage for both your car and the other vehicles involved.


When applicable, take photographs of any visible injuries suffered in the crash.


Communicate to any police officers, EMS, or hospital staff that you are injured or were involved in a motor vehicle accident (MVA) and specifically describe the nature of your injuries so it will be included in the accident report or any medical notes or narratives.


As soon as you are able, contact our firm so you can be advised on your legal rights and the accident can be investigated. Steps should be taken immediately to preserve evidence and identify witnesses.


NEVER give a statement to ANY insurance company representative without first talking to an experienced auto accident attorney!

Trucking Accidents

If you have suffered serious injuries as result of a trucking accident in Texas, you need legal representation. Commercial trucks that are designed to transport thousands of pounds of cargo and who are operated by drivers that spend the majority of their time on the road create and are subject to their own unique risks and dangers. Commercial trucks and 18-wheelers are a common sight on highways in Texas. Truck drivers must often drive past the point of personal fatigue in order to meet deadlines which can create serious hazards for all drivers on the road. Commercial truck drivers must take great care to operate their vehicles safely and are subject to state and federal trucking regulations which govern their actions. Truck driving errors can be catastrophic because of the enormous size of these vehicles and the injuries that can result from such a collision.

Serna Vethan has extensive experience in handling the most complex aspects of your trucking accident case including:
  • Speeding, reckless driving, and other truck driver negligence
  • Driver fatigue, use of speed and amphetamines
  • Driver intoxication, drug and alcohol use
  • Overloading or unbalanced cargo
  • Improper truck maintenance and inspection
  • Inadequate training, hiring, or driver retention
  • Defective truck maintenance and handling
  • NHTSA – National Highway Transportation Safety Administration records
  • TX Department of Transportation and Motor Carrier violations

Knowing who to hold responsible for trucking accidents is key to the recovery of damages. Whether you are suing the commercial operator, truck owner, dispatcher, or company hiring and controlling the trucking company, identifying the responsible parties for a trucking accident is key in the prosecution of any case.

Our firm has the knowledge and expertise to make sure your case is handled correctly and will ensure that you recover on all grounds available under Texas law, including actual and punitive damages where applicable and those damages which can compensate you for all expenses, past and future, and lost wages and income, which have occurred since your accident. Our firm ensures that we cover all details of your accident so you receive the compensation you deserve.