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Knowing that your business needs are being addressed—consistently, creatively, and with great care—can give you the edge you need to grow your business, without getting caught up in legal details that can slow business down.

At Serna Vethan Law, our attorneys work closely with new and growing businesses to strategize around legal challenges before they happen and deliver solutions to legal problems when they arise. Contact our law firm today and find out how one of our experienced business attorneys can help.

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Mr. Vethan did an extremely good job. His firm did. Got a million dollars judgment. And if you go back and look at the docket sheet when this fight first broke out, it was by no means clear that the trustee was going to get anything. So when Mr. Vethan, his firm, and Mr. Colvin won, you know they clearly did an exquisite job—excellent, excellent work.

- Honorable Jeffery Bohm