Corporate Structures & Organization

When you expand your business into the United States, you may need the assistance of a key employee that is not yet authorized to reside in the United States. For that, your business needs to jump through the loops of corporate immigration. Corporate immigration is a sensitive legal concern for any small, large, growing or multinational business. Any business who desires to transfer employees or expand into the United States will need to ensure they comply with and maintain any legal requirements surrounding immigration. Each business will need to understand how to get an employee legally immigrated into the United States, which immigration form to file and what status to transfer any such employee under, and what to do to maintain compliance after the employee is transferred.

As corporate counsel, Serna Vethan often helps new and reorganizing companies determine which business form is appropriate for the venture. Most frequently, this turns out to be a limited partnership (LP), a limited liability company (LLC), a series LLC, a corporation, or, for certain professionals, a professional association, a professional corporation, or a professional LLC.

Serna Vethan’s goal is to provide our clients with sound and steady legal guidance, in even the most tenuous circumstances, and build a foundation for a long-time strategic alliance.

The Services:

  • Formation and Amending Company Structure
  • Shareholder, Partnership, and LLC Agreements
  • Non-Disclosure, Non-Compete, and Trade Secret Protection Agreements
  • Creating and Protecting Trademarks and Copyrights
  • Protecting Trade Secrets
  • Corporate Counsel to the Board of Directors
  • Contract Negotiation and Implementation
  • Sales and Services Agreement Review and Drafting
  • Master Service Agreement (MSA) Review and Drafting
  • Prosecute Regulatory and Administrative Applications and Responses
Daniel Serna

With direct input from our clients’ managers and decision-makers, our corporate attorneys may create key employee contracts, independent contractor agreements, and agreements with covenants of non-disclosure of trade secrets, proprietary information, and, in appropriate cases, non-compete agreements.